You can’t drive down a road in Canberra at the moment without being greeted but the not so welcoming face of a big gaping pothole.

They’ve been causing nightmares for Canberra drivers for weeks now, as the ACT Government struggles to keep up with the number of new openings each day.

The problem in the Capital is so bad now, it’s unofficially been declared a ‘Pothole Pandemic’.

However, it’s an issue faced by many other cities around the world.

One man in New Zealand, has been so fed up with the problem, he took matters into his own hands.

He began spraying the outline of male genitalia over the top of potholes in a bid to get council to fix them up quicker.

While the act of Graffiti remains an illegal, and is not recommended by Mix 106.3, Kate & Nige discussed other ‘creative’ ways Canberrans may be able to get their ‘holes filled’ sooner.


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