James Bond is this week celebrating his 60th Birthday.

Wednesday marked six decades since the very first film in the British Spy franchise, Dr. No, was first released in cinemas.

To mark the occasion, Kate & Nige gave Thursday’s Themed Thousand Dollar Minute a 007 makeover.

Listen to the Quiz and see how you’d go below:

Questions + The Answers:

  1. What is James Bond’s code number? – 007
  2. Aussie Bond actor, George Lazenby, was born in which NSW town? – Goulburn
  3. Name the James Bond film that he (Lazenby) stared in? – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  4. Which British novelist created the character of James Bond? – Ian Fleming
  5. What is the title of that author’s first Bond novel? – Casino Royale
  6. Actor Daniel Craig first played the character of Bond in which film? – Casino Royale
  7. Actor Sean Connery stared in how many James Bond films? – 7
  8. Who sang the classing them for the film Goldfinger? – Shirley Bassey
  9. In which year was the first James Bond movie released in the US? – 1962