Friday, 19th August 2022.

  • The man responsible for making the bomb that caused the Bali Bombing in 2002 is set to be released, after serving half of his 20 year sentence.
  • An EV summit will be held in Canberra today, the Climate Council wants fuel efficiency standards to be considered.
  • Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says that Australians just want to put the Morrison scandal behind them.
  • The national unemployment rate is still at a low, but wages aren’t keeping up, with growth recorded at 3.4% the lowest for decades.
  • After 40 years of campaigning the RSPCA has succeeded in convincing the poultry industry to phase out barren battery cages.
  • Uber has launched UBER HEALTH, which will give lifts to patients going to medical appointments.
  • One of Canberra’s newest suburbs, Whitlam, has opened its first playground named Blue Poles.
  • A new survey has found that 65% of Aussie dogs sleep on the bed and 61% of owners spend between $1-4 grand a year on their pooches.

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