Friday, 30 September 2022

  • Premiers and Chief Ministers will meet for National Cabinet today, with Covid quarantine top of the agenda. 
  • In Canberra, from today you’ll no longer need to wear a face mask on public transport nor report to ACT health if you’re a household contact. 
  • Federal Government is considering changing our Privacy Act, making it harder for businesses to store personal information for long periods. 
  • Four regions of Ukraine have been illegally annexed by Russia, following a verbal referendum that has been disputed by international observers 
  • Hurricane Ian wrath is being felt in Florida, the death toll currently sits at 12, with authorities expecting it to rise. 
  • Qatar Airways has postponed its flights from Canberra until December due to operational issues. 
  • Double Demerits are now in place in the ACT and across the border in NSW, only ending at Midnight on Monday 
  • An extract from the death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II has been released, revealing she died of old age. 
  • Wine Machine is returning to Canberra, the food, wine, and music festival will kick off on March 25. 

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