Tuesday, 27 September 2022.

  • A 26 year old is in a critical condition, after she was struck by a rollercoaster at the Melbourne Royal Show.
  • ACT Police are reminding us to follow road rules and drive carefully, after the death of a 19 year old e-scooter rider.
  • Optus could face a lawsuit, following a cyber attack that saw up to 9.8 million Aussies details compromised.
  • Today we’ll find out if NASA’s Dart spacecraft can nudge an asteroid out of the way if it’s headed for earth.
  • Andrew Leigh and David Pocock are putting their running shoes on this morning, after a record year of Aussies donating to sports organisations.
  • Neighbors filming location in Ramsay street, won’t be heritage listed! It comes after a proposal was put to the local council which was denied.

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