Wednesday, 26th October

  • The Treasurer says there are hard days to come following the budget yesterday. Electricity prices will jump 50% while wages will remain stagnant. 
  • ACT will be home to a National Security Office Precinct in Barton, as well as $86 million allocated to help get the light rail from the city to Commonwealth Park. 
  • The jury in the Bruce Lehrmann sexual assault trial will reconvene today to consider a verdict. 
  • UK PM Rishi Sunak has moved into 10 Downing St, saying he’s not daunted by the challenge ahead of him. 
  • A new scam is doing the rounds, with scammers using robocalls pretending to be from Canberra Health, if you receive a call hang up. 
  • Have you seen a UFO? Nasa may be calling your number, as they’re setting up a panel to study UFOs for the first time in history. 

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