As the price of lettuce continues to skyrocket across Australia, the Prime Minister has declared the matter a crisis.

Anthony Albanese appeared on Sydney radio show Kyle & Jackie O on Thursday morning where the two hosts pressed him on the issue.

“This is a crisis.” Albanese declared while having a bit of a laugh.

The topic came up after KFC this week announced it would have to start swapping lettuce for cabbage on its burgers as a shortage impacts the fast food chain.

“My son loves KFC and when he hears about it, he’s going to be devastated.”

“Cabbage isn’t the same as lettuce – that’s just wrong.” Alabanese said.

Subway has since become the second major food chain to announce it’ll also be switching to a cabbage combo as lettuce supplies remain short across the country.


Recent flooding in Queensland is being blamed for the shortage.

The Prime Minister, in jest, suggested the matter will be added to his agenda when his new cabinet meets on Thursday.

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