There’s still about two and a half weeks until Christmas but Santa has payed an early visit to the Nation’s Capital.

The Big Man in Red finding time in his busy schedule to make his way to the Headquarters of Air Services Australia, located right here in Canberra’s CBD.

He met with flight management teams to confirm his flight path for ‘Operations Present Drop’ on Christmas Eve.

Airservices Australia CEO Jason Harfield said Santa was also allocated his call sign ‘Sleigh Rider One’.

“Our air traffic controllers will be guiding Santa safely through Australian airspace, using our surveillance technology to track him twice every second to ensure we keep Santa and his reindeer safe, on-time and on-track to deliver presents.”

“He’s cleared to fly below 500ft so he can skim the rooftops and deliver his presents quickly and quietly.”

Santa is now all cleared to make his return journey to Canberra on December 24.


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