A group of Canberra siblings have been reunited with their Lemonade stand after it was taken from their front yard on Monday morning.

The young entrepreneurs had set up their sale location out the front of their Yarralumla home before heading back inside to make their product but when they returned just 10 minutes later, the entire display was gone.

“My four-year-old started crying and my other two started running around the neighbourhood shouting ‘give us our stuff back’ to the air.” Mum Kate Parkinson told us at the time.

She then took to social media to share the news of the unfortunate incident, hoping it might’ve been taken by mistake.

Now, just a day after going public with the story, Kate’s shared another update – with the news of her children having been reunited with their stand.

“It was in the Westfield Belconnen carpark and is now home.”

“A little banged up, but we are so grateful to this group and the people in it that helped track it down.”


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