It’s a yearly tradition and we have you covered.

It’s that time of the year where you get in your car and drive all over Canberra to see the best Christmas lights. This year there are so many options, so we’ve collated a list of the best places to visit on the North and South side.


  • Archdall Street (Close to Dunlop) in MacGregor
  • Pockley Close in MacGregor
  • Elia Ware in Bonner
  • Bingley Crescent in Fraser
  • Huddy Street in Forde
  • Bizant Street in Forde
  • Bainton Crescent in Melba
  • Ballarat Street in Fisher
  • Dirrawan Crescent in Reid
  • Sarson Street in Gungahlin
  • Dulverton Street in Amaroo
  • Polwarth Circuit in Dunlop
  • Hobday Place in Dunlop
  • Scurry Street in Dunlop
  • Karrugang Circuit in Ngunnawal
  • Tipiloura Street in Ngunnawal
  • Warby Place in Charnwood
  • Tangari Street in Ngunnawal
  • Elischer Street in Dunlop
  • Berne Crescent in MacGregor
  • Walter Crocker Crescent in Casey
  • Barber Crescent in Flynn
  • Currong Street in Reid
  • Bedourie Street in Dunlop
  • Herdson Place in Macgregor
  • Harold Blair Crescent in Moncrieff
  • Slim Dusty Circuit in Moncrieff
  • Ansett Street in Gungahlin


  • Harry Hopman Circuit in Gordon
  • McGrowdie Place in Gordon
  • Ina Gregory Circuit in Conder
  • Bottrill Crescent in Bonython
  • Bissenberger Crescent in Kambah
  • Must Crescent in Calwell
  • Bierne Street in Monash
  • Taggart Terrace in Coombs
  • McTaggart Crescent in Kambah
  • Dominion Circuit in Forrest
  • Lyndsay Prior Street in Wright
  • Yambina Crescent in Warramanga
  • Pennington Crescent in Calwell
  • Newman-Morris Circuit in Oxley
  • McKinley Crescent in Calwell
  • Reveley Crescent in Stirling
  • Mina Wylie in Gordon
  • Templestowe Avenue in Gordon
  • House Circuit in Banks
  • Sid Barnea Crescent in Gordon
  • Ammon Place in Kambah
  • Wyselaskie Circuit in Kambah
  • Pennington Crescent in Calwell
  • Sassafras Place in Isabella Plains
  • Middleton Circuit in Gowrie
  • Ballarat Street in Fisher
  • Robert Lewis Circuit in Gordon
  • Stacy Street in Gowrie
  • Richardson Circuit in Conder
  • Ruthven Street in Gowrie
  • Hurtle Avenue in Bonython
  • Must Circuit in Calwell

Queanbeyan and Surrounds:

  • Parr Place in Queanbeyan
  • Beltana Avenue in Googong
  • Dane Street in Karabar
  • Tully Place in Jerrabomberra
  • Forrest Drive in Jerrabomberra
  • Helen Circuit in Googong
  • Throsby Close in Karabar
  • Barracks Flat Drive in Karabar

PS – Don’t forget to pack snacks, a camera and some money to donate this Christmas.