On top of all the main arena events, sideshow games, and the petting zoo, one of the most iconic parts of the Royal Canberra Show are the showbags!

This year the showbags prices range from $5 to $35, and cover everything from food, fashion, toys, video games, television shows, and bands.

Here’s a list of a few iconic showbags picked out by Mix106.3, for the full list of showbags this year, check out the Royal Canberra Show website.

1)  The Army


Image Source: Royal Canberra Show

For the older kids who enjoy wearing camouflage, the Army showbag is priced at $30 while sold at the Canberra Show, and its contents is valued at $54.95 overall. The showbag includes the following:

  • 1x Camouflage Padded Backpack
  • 1x Special Forces Sniper Rifle
  • 1x Camouflage Cap
  • 1x Military Police Machine Gun
  • 2x Die Cast Army Vehicles
  • 1x Army Action Figure
  • 1x Camouflage Binoculars


2) The Barbie Dreamtopia


Image Source: Royal Canberra Show

It wouldn’t be a Royal Show without an obligatory Barbie showbag for the kids. The Barbie Dreamtopia showbag is priced at $35 while the contents overall has been valued at $70.60. The showbag includes:

  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia Backpack
  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia DIY Card set
  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia Headband
  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia Skirt
  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia Stick on Earrings
  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia Trinket Boxes
  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia Wand Set
  • 1x Barbie Dreamptopia Tote Bag


3) Bluey

Image Source: Royal Canberra Show

Given the massive fan following this little dog has, it’s no surprise Bluey has her own showbag! The bag is priced at $35, but its contents are valued for $74.60. The showbag includes:

  • 1x Bluey Backpack
  • 1x Bluey Drink bottle
  • 1x Bluey Bucket Hat
  • 1x Bluey Wooden Puzzle
  • 1x Bluey Growth Chart
  • 1x Bluey Card Game
  • 1x Bluey Activity Set
  • 1x Bluey Tote Bag


4) Cadbury 100 Years

Image Source: Royal Canberra Show

Here’s a showbag for the sugar fiends, marking over 100 years of the chocolate company. The bag is priced at $25 for the lot, while it’s valued at $35.75 overall. It includes:

  • 1x 180g Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • 1x 180g Cadbury Caramilk
  • 1x 150g Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • 2x 12g Dairy Milk Freddo
  • 2x 5g Curly Wurly
  • 2x 12g Bite Size Dairy Milk
  • 2x 15g Bite Size Cherry Ripe
  • 2x 15g Bite Size Crunchie
  • 2x 12g Cadbury Caramilk
  • 2x 15g Bite Size Boost
  • 1x Cadbury Non-woven Bag
  • 1x Stainless Steel Drink Bottle




5) Elle Australia

Image source: Royal Canberra Show

This showbag is chock-full of beauty products and is only valued at $25 for the whole thing. The overall value of the contents sits at $319. It includes:

  • 1x ELLE Australia Tote Bag
  • 1x Elle Australia Notebook
  • 1x Bohemian Skin Facial Mask 50ml
  • 1x Hello Fresh Voucher
  • 1x Maybelline The Rock Nudes Eye Shadow Palette
  • 1x Maybelline Bricks Bronzer and Highlighter
  • 1x L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation
  • 1x Special K Smoothie 140g

And more!



6) Gag Magic

Image Source: Royal Canberra Show

It’s only fitting for a Show to include a prank bag. This one’s for the mischievous. It’s priced at $20 for the whole thing, which is valued at an overall $64.95. Some of the gag’s it includes are:

  • 1x Magic Twisty Worm- The Magical Pet
  • 1x Magician’s Hat
  • 1x Magic Levitating Wand
  • 1x Trick Gum
  • 1x Whoopie Cushion
  • 1x Wind Up Chattering Teeth
  • 1x Gag Snake in a Can Surprise Trick

And more!




7) The Mega Showbag

Image Source: Royal Canberra Show

It’s the showbag to end all showbags. The Mega Showbag is priced at $30 and valued at $130. The bag contains a 30-piece mixed candy packet and then your choice of one (1) of the following:

  • Stunt Scooter (with a selling price of $50)
  • Large Plush Tiger (with a selling price of $30)
  • R/C Racing Car (with a selling price of $30)
  • R/C HAND GESTURE CAR (with a selling price of $50)

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