A long standing Canberra antiques store is getting ready to shut up shop after almost 20 years of trade.

But, before it does, it’s putting out one last call to interested buyers, who might be keen on taking over the business.

The Canberra Antiques Centre in Fyshwick, home to an estimated one million antique and collectable items, has been a labour of love for owner Doug Mulley since its opening back in 2003.

“It’s recycling in its purest form”

“The oldest item we’ve got would probably be from the 1700’s.”

Doug Mulley at his Antiques store in Fyshwick

However, after almost two decades at the helm, The 66-year-old is now ready to retire, having been given a taste of the simpler life during the height of COVID restrictions.


“I loved every minute of it, there was so many things I got accomplished during that 10 week or so lockdown.”

“I just thought, if this is what retirement feels like, I’m up for it.”

Doug, who previously worked in radio, including a stint on the Mix106.3 breakfast show during the 90’s, began his collecting career while still on-air.

As a music lover, he’d hunt for records to purchase at flea markets and fairs before eventually turning his eye to antiques.

It was then, his new found interest, that led Doug to giving up his radio career, travelling the country in search of quality antique items and eventually setting up the shop…. and it’s been keeping him busy every day since.

Now, he’s hoping someone else is might be up for the task which is described as both a challenge and super rewarding.


“Be prepared for hard work, a few disappointments and be open minded enough so you can listen and soak up as much as you can.”

If you’re interested, you can reach out to Doug via the Canberra Antique Centre.

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