Bookworms from around Canberra have flocked to Exhibition Park this morning in search for hidden treasures at the annual Lifeline Bookfair.

Opening from 9am, the lineup out the front started in the early hours, the first person lining up at 2:30am but they weren’t along for long.

By 7:30am more than 70 people were ready and waiting to be let in.

Self-proclaimed ‘nerd’ Cameron joined the line three hours before the fair officially opened, hoping to have first pick through the sci-fi selection.

“I’ve been coming for a decade, I’m a nerd so I’m after dungeons and dragons, science fiction and fantasy”.

“[When the gates open] That’s when the shoving starts, This is Sparta!”


Lifeline Canberra CEO Carrie Leeson said this year’s Bookfair has a record number of pallets going out, with millions of items on sale, so there’s no need to fret if you can’t make it on the opening day!

“The number of books that we’re taking out, alone, would lap the lake 3 times if they were laid alongside one another”.

This weekend’s Bookfair marks the first time the event has returned to EPIC since it was forced to cancel last year when the site became inundated with anti-vaccine mandate protestors.

It’s also the first non-restricted Bookfair since the arrival of the COVID pandemic.

All proceeds raised from the 3-day event goes towards the Lifeline crisis support service.

Check out the Lifeline Bookfair this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at EPIC.


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