Canberra’s grass pollen season is officially over, taking extreme pollen levels with it but we’re being warned of a few more sniffly weeks ahead.

That comes despite the Territory recording ‘low’ pollen readings for the past fortnight.

Allergy expert Professor Simon Haberle, from The Canberra Pollen Monitoring Program, says we could still see more extreme days in the coming months.

“Unfortunately, we’re not quite done with the sniffles for 2023…Usually into February and March, we see a lot of elm trees flower and people can be allergic to those.”

It follows a record breaking year for allergy suffers in Canberra over this Spring/Summer period with La Nina and its heavy rains largely to blame.

“Given how much water is in the soil across the landscape, it’s ideal for plant growth and potential pollen production.”

Looking ahead to next year, The Bureau of Metrology has suggested an El Nino season of dry conditions could be ahead, which would mean a slight easing of extreme conditions for hay fever sufferers.


However, Professor Haberle isn’t so convinced.

‘Strap in because 2023 may be an interesting year for those suffering from hay fever and asthma’.

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