A Canberra Labrador has stolen people’s hearts, taking out the People’s Choice Award in the Australian Dog of the Year comp.

Elton is an assistance dog to seven-year-old Charlie, who suffers from seizures and a heart condition.

Last year was hard for Charlie, who visited the hospital 120 times, Melissa Clode, Charlie’s mum says Elton is a huge help.

Elton is always by Charlie’s side – photo supplied

‘He’s able to care for Charlie when he has really scary seizures, it’s like we have an extra member of our medical team when he’s around’.

It’s a lot for a little boy to go through, he also had 2 strokes, and 7 heart surgeries, Melissa says it’s comforting knowing Elton will always be looking after Charlie.

‘Having Elton come into the picture, means Charlie has a little friend where ever he is’.


Elton has come along for most Charlie’s hospital visits – Photo supplied

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