The ACT opposition has called on the Territory Government to review its Noise Environment Policy amid claims of high levels of noise pollution throughout the Gungahlin district.

The Canberra Liberals say it’s heard from hundreds of residents who are ‘irate’ about the use of earth-moving trucks outside their homes at varying hours of the day.

Yerrabi MLA, Leanne Castley, said the issue is affecting residents living near Horse Park Drive, Mulligans Flat Road, Gundaroo Drive, Well Station Drive, Gozzard Street and Anthony Rolfe Avenue.

“The constant noise from the ‘truck and dog’ style trailers has driven some residents to quit the area while others have complained about being barricaded in their homes over summer with doors and windows shut to reduce the noise.”

The Opposition claims one local had written to the ACT Transport and City Service Minister, Chris Steel, to complain about the noise only to be told “noise levels experienced from Horse Park Drive are below the thresholds set out in the ACT Governments [sic] Noise Management Guidelines.”

“No one should have to put up with this constant noise and the Minister must review noise control and time restrictions for these large construction vehicles.” Ms Castley concluded.

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