The use of cannabis in Canberra has reached its highest level ever recorded, according to a new government report.

Testing of the ACT’s wastewater by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission found detections for THC – the compound responsible for creating the high caused by cannabis – equated to about 40 grams per every 1,000 people living in Canberra.

That’s enough to produce roughly 133 joints to be shared between that some group of people.

Use of cannabis in the ACT has fluctuated since the drug was decimalised for personal use back in 2020 before reaching its highest level since the wastewater testing began in 2018.

However, despite the increase in cannabis usage, its uptake in the Territory is far from nation leading with many areas throughout regional Australia experiencing large increases in usage too.

The report also found the use of alcohol, nicotine and heroin also increased slightly across the ACT.

While all other illicit drugs tested in the ACT’s wastewater saw decreases in the last reporting period.


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