On 2 June 1962 Canberra TV station CTC-7 went to air for the very first time.

Now known simply as Channel 10, it’s had many names throughout the decades – the two most iconic being ‘Capital 7’ and then later ‘Ten Capital’.

Take a look back at some of the different identities the station has had over the year.

For years it served as the only commercial television station in the Nation’s Capital, plucking the best shows from the Ten, Nine and Seven networks in amongst a raft of unique local programing.

The station also famously organised and later broadcast the old annual Birdman Rally down at Lake Burley Griffin.

At the turn of the century, the station was best known for it’s local news service ‘Ten Capital News’.

Broadcast live from its studios in Watson, Ten Capital News was the long running number one nightly news service in Canberra, delivering a wrap of the days local, national and international news at 6 o’clock.


Sadly, 2001 marked the axing of the local bulletin and marked a scaling back of production at the site.

Local news returned to the station in 2017 when it briefly switched its branding to the Nine Network, however that was short lived, with the station returning to Channel 10 programming in 2021.

2020 also saw the demolition of the old Watson studios, to make way for a new housing estate.

Listen to the latest news below: