Wednesday, 9 November 

  • The suspected Medibank hacker has released customers’ data on the dark web. 
  • The US mid-term voting has opened up, with the Republicans needing 5 seats to take the house. 
  • Cop 27 is off to a roaring start, with developing countries putting loss and damage front and center.  
  • The Government will start to roll out specialized endometriosis and pelvic pain clinics across the country. 
  • Canberra’s average life expectancy is higher than the national average according to the latest ABS stats. 
  • Redcycle, the soft plastic recycling company whose bins are at Woolies and Coles has fallen apart, after it was revealed they were storing the plastics in warehouses instead of recycling them. 
  • The Jetty will be returning to Lake Burley Griffin from tomorrow. 

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