Wednesday, 2 November

  • Canberra’s Melbourne Cup races could soon be a thing of the past, An ACT Government planning document includes an option that scraps the Thoroughbred Park racecourse. 
  • Vladimir Putin’s health is apparently in decline, the Russian leader has reportedly been diagnosed with Parkinsons and Cancer. 
  • Rates have increased, with the official cash rate rising by 2.85%. 
  • Medical bodies are rallying for a climate change and well-being strategy as more Australians are affected by extreme weather events. 
  • We’re waiting longer at emergency departments to get treatment, with less than 40% being seen on time. 
  • Canberra Liberals say Canberrans are being left in the dark on the date of delivery of the Light ail Second Construction. 
  • A lotto winner in China has collected his $46 million prize in a bright yellow costume, even hiding the money, to ensure his family doesn’t become lazy. 

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