If you’re looking for a sweet treat this summer, you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for Canberra’s newest dessert truck.

With both chocolate and vanilla flavours on offer, ‘Future Swirl‘ will be getting around town offering all the frozen classics from cups and waffle cones to shakes and even a cold coffee float…but they come with a twist.

All the goodies on the Future Swirl menu are made using oat milk, making them dairy free, as well as their products being free of nuts.

However, founder Maddi Easterbrook is keen to avoid being labelled as simply a ‘vegan alternative’ to a classic dessert but rather a fresh take on an old favourite.

“I’ve been told by a lot of people that ‘vegan’ is a bad word and I respect that.”

With that in mind, Maddi turned to her father, Trevor, as the test for her new vegan and allergy friendly creation.

“He is someone who eats meat for three meals a day plus a tub of yoghurt everyday and he’s been a really good critic and I knew if I could get him to like it, I was on to a winning recipe.”



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However it’s not just human friendly desserts on offer, a special dog friendly recipe has been developed, which you can pick up for your furry friend free of charge with the purchase of any other item from the menu.

Having just completed a successful initial run at the Haig Park & Little Burley weekend markets, you’ll next be able to catch the truck down by the National Library for Canberra’s New Year’s Eve celebration – a true ‘pinch yourself’ moment for Maddi herself.

“Last year on new year’s eve, I was down by the Lake watching the fireworks and I said to myself ‘this time next year, I want to be here selling my ice cream’ and now it’s come true.”

Next year will see the truck look to establish a more permanent home in Braddon but until then, you can follow Future Swirl on the socials to find out where they’ll be popping up next.


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