We know COVID-19 has seen most (if not all) industries across the ACT take a hit, or several!

One of those sectors is public transport, with an average of 93 drivers on personal leave on any given weekday over the past month.

Worryingly, that number could increase, with COVID-19 numbers expected to climb in the weeks ahead.

That’s one reason behind Transport Canberra’s latest campaign to recruit 60 more bus drivers by December!

“We really need to ramp it up at the moment because of the very significant workforce impacts, with so many drivers on personal leave caring for others with COVID-19, or being sick themselves,” Transport Minister Chris Steel said.

Transport Canberra also wants to increase the frequency of bus routes.

“We’ve decided to prioritise reliability and will continue to do that with the delivery of an interim bus timetable during Term 3,” Minister Steel said.


“But we’re going to use this time to recruit more bus drivers so when this current wave of COVID-19 subsides, we can start to step up the frequency of services.”

Transport Canberra also hopes to get more women on board as bus drivers, given they only make up 13.3% of the current workforce.

“We’re also making sure the driver experience is one that feels safe for them and is flexible and allows them to fit driving in with other things that might be priorities in their life, whether that be raising families, or doing other things,” Transport Canberra Deputy Director General, Ben McHugh, said.

The latest recruitment campaign for casual and part-time bus drivers runs until July 24, 2022, with all Canberrans encouraged to apply!

You can find out more at the Transport Canberra website.