The moon is set to put on a spectacle as it makes its biggest and brightest appearance in our skies so far this year on Wednesday night.

Known as a Buck Super Moon, the phenomena will see the giant space rock come within it’s closet orbit to Earth.

Astrophysicist Dr. Brad Tucker says sunset is when the moon will appear at it’s largest in the skies above Canberra.

“You want to look towards the east, that’s where the moon will be rising and as its rising you kind of get this big, nice effect where the moon always looks huge on the horizon.”

“We get an alignment of the earth, moon, sun system – now that’s called the full moon

But when the orbit of the moon isn’t a perfect circle, sometimes its closer, sometimes its further away and so during a super moon we get a full moon where the moon is closer to the earth.”

This is the second and final super moon event this year but if you miss it on Wednesday, you’ll have another chance to catch a glimpse on Thursday.


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