The ACT is expected to outline its plans for the easing of COVID-19 contact restrictions later this week.

It follows confirmation that isolation requirements for household contact will be scrapped in New South Wales and Victoria from Friday.

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith confirmed that she had been in discussions with her interstate colleagues about their decision to ease COVID rules but was still awaiting further details before making any changes here in the Territory.

“We have been planning to make an announcement later in the week and we will have more detail on this when we have worked through exactly what other jurisdictions are proposing, especially NSW.”

“This includes better understanding how they will be implementing the measures – for example, which elements will form part of a legal direction and which will be in guidance material.”

Stephen-Smith also added that the Government was still receiving advice around additional guidelines the ACT would introduce alongside such a change to balance the risk of COVID transmission from household contacts.

“As has been announced in the other jurisdictions, these may include indoor mask wearing, undertaking rapid antigen tests and avoiding high-risk settings.”


“While we will aim for consistency, we are also conscious that we need to be able to answer a range of questions when an announcement is made and therefore will not rush the announcement or implementation of any changes.”

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