Internal modelling has revealed the Territory’s Omicron COVID-19 wave may have already peaked.

January 17 was tipped to be the city’s worst day for case numbers, with a record 1,601 new infections recorded.

Virus related hospitalisations also reached their highest level to date, with 52 people receiving care, including 4 in ICU.

Canberra Health Services CEO, Dave Peffer said the modelling also accounts for the estimated number of undiagnosed virus cases that remain within the community.

“Really it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next but for us it’s looking like we will start to see an easing in the true case numbers. within the community”

“The peak of hospital activity track a few days after those case numbers peak and we expect we’ll start to see that come down in the days and weeks ahead.”

While it’s yet to be seen whether the modelling is correct, Mr Peffer said it has already provided some much needed relief to the Territory’s strained health system.


“For a n umber of years now, we’ve asked them to stand up and go above and beyond for this city and they have every single time.”

“So when do see a reprieve, potentially, in the days and weeks ahead – that’s certainly very welcome news.”

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