The ACT Opposition has called on the Territory Government to scrap the use of the Check-In CBR app.

Shadow Health Minister, Leanne Castley, said it doesn’t make sense to keep in place the requirements to check-in at Canberra businesses, if that app is no longer being used for contact tracing purposes.

“The data is not being used for the purpose Canberrans were told it was, so it’s only right to stop the mandatory check ins.”

“Businesses are confused about whether they still needed to enforce check ins and some are worried that the check-in laws deterred people being out and about supporting local businesses.”

However, ACT Health Minister has clapped back at the suggestion.

Rachel Stephen-Smith said removing the app now would be premature, when taking into account the ever evolving COVID-19 situation.

“The way we use that tool might change and we’ve already said publicly that we’re thinking about how we use this tool into the future and what those changes might look like.”


“It’s almost like Elizabeth Lee (Opposition Leader) is about to come out and declare the pandemic is over.”

“Unfortunately, I wish it was the case that the pandemic is over but it’s not.” Ms Stephen-Smith concluded.

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