Author: Cara Ginnan

Two tabby kittens have had a lucky escape after being discovered hiding in drain as heavy rains came down in Canberra on Thursday.

The pair belonged to a stray cat who had been living in a car park next to a Vantage Strata building in Reid.

Building Manager, Gareth Paul, noticed the cat hanging around the area and had spent the past week trying to gain its trust.

“I wanted to rehome her as construction will take place on the site soon.”

“Little did I know, she had a litter of kittens with her.”

Despite his unsuccessful attempts to coax the cat, Paul was called back to the property when a resident also noticed the familiar feline along with her two kittens hanging around a drain at the site.


The resident raising their concerns as heavy rains threatened to drown the kittens who’d since become stuck inside.

“With the heavy rain anticipated, I decided to phone ACT Policing to let them know.”

Shortly after, Officers arrived on the scene where they managed to open up the manhole and find two very wet and frightened kitties and bring them to safety.

They’ve both now been adopted out to their fur-ever homes while their mother is yet to be located.

“If I know cats, I am sure the Momma made it safely somewhere, albeit without her babies.”

“At least the kittens are now going to safe and warm homes, I will work on rehoming the mother over next few weeks when we find her.”


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